Sea Kayaking Alaska in February

Mt. Alice, Resurrection Mountain Range
Mt Alice

Mt.Alice, Resurrection Bay and Mountains Seward Alaska


It was a beautiful day out today (2/13), depending on which way you looked, that is. Overhead, north and east were clear and beautiful in the morning at least. Our drive to town in glorious sunshine, 34 degrees. Once we turned around though, and headed home, we could see darkness engulfing the mouth of the bay, working its way north (it never stormed though, just got cloudy). 

How tempting that sunshine was to some though! After all, the days are getting longer, the sun is really up by 8, or at least it’s light out; by 10 the sun is high enough that it could be classified as warm. So it should not have been that much of a surprise, I suppose, that we should pass 4 people sea-kayaking, on our way back from town a little after 11. 

Kayakers on an mid-February paddle

2 of the 4 kayakers we saw on 2/13/2010


Spring will be here very soon if this is any indication. Perhaps we’ll see a humpback whale soon! On a business note, Angels Rest will be re-opening for the season in March and we hope to start seeing all our Alaskan customers again then. 🙂 

Thank you Dear Reader,

One thought on “Sea Kayaking Alaska in February

  1. I really like the look of this website. Good use of photos, and good selection of photos.

    The photo in the masthead matches the them colors nicely, too. Well done.

    I’ll look into the font thing.

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